Specializing in the promotion, marketing, advertising and distribution of health and nutritional products, we offer our expertise in the following industries:

Health & Wellness

The health & nutrition industry is experiencing massive growth, partly because of the increasing awareness about wellness within people, and partly because of the endless source of information the Internet has provided. Wyn Media possesses extensive knowledge of the industry and we can proudly say we work hard to stay on top of everything that is happening in order to bring our clients the best solutions.

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Sports Nutrition

The growing knowledge about health has brought awareness into the importance of complimenting your sports and fitness habits with proper nutrition. Which means that this industry has become one of the most profitable ones in recent years. Rising health and fitness culture has made nutrition supplements a sidekick to any sports regime, an industry we are well informed on.

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Natural Products

It’s becoming more of a global lifestyle than a trend to purchase and use natural products. Thanks to the Internet, people now carry out extensive research on the ingredients and origins of a product before purchasing it. At Wyn Media, we are very conscious of this and possess a lot of experience working with companies that specialize in organic and natural products. We aim to help brands that share this consciousness reach their full potential.

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Skin & Beauty

The beauty industry has grown and diversified itself within the last decade. From anti-aging products to inclusive and organic makeup brands, the beauty industry has shown a lot of room for growth and opportunities. We’ve made it our mission to be able to foresee these opportunities and bring them to our clients.

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Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements have become a popular way for people to complement their nutrition and health goals to their lifestyles. Health and nutrition are rising concerns for people, which sometimes becomes a challenge with the hectic lifestyles of the 21st century, which is why dietary supplements have boomed in recent years. At Wyn Media, we are proud to say we’ve kept up to date with the Industry, including the production, distribution, and promotion of dietary supplements.

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